PoroTest SKF®

Porosity Meter

About PoroTest SKF®

PoroTest SKF®

Porosity Meter


In order to test the state of a canopy PoroTest SKF® measures the time necessary for 250 cm3 to pass through 38,5 cm2 of canopy under a 10 mbar vacuum. This determination method has asserted itself as the standard accepted by paraglider manufacturers. The state of the tested fabric can be evaluated according to the tabel:

> 200 sec Excellent
   70 - 200 sec    Good
25-70 sec Medium
18-25 sec Weak

The values measured must be considered as informative measures, meaning that a fabric that is at the lower limit of the interval (around 20 seconds) must be considered to be in a poor state.

Video demonstration

This video shows how PoroTest SKF® works.


1.4 kg

Total weight


9 V Common Battery

9999 Seconds

The display count
between 0 - 9999 Seconds


1. Top pane
2. Sensor pane
3. Electronic unit
4. Starter
5. Coupling

Working method

1. Connect the cable to the coupling of the electronic unit.
2. Elevate the sensor pane until you reach the buffer. You must keep the Starter pushed so that it passes over the buffer.
3. Start the electronic unit from the On/Off button located on the side of the box.
4. 4 lines will appear on the screen. The device is ready.
5. Put the canopy over the pane of the porosity meter.
6. Set the top pane over the canopy.
7. Push the Starter in order to release the Sensor pane.
8. The timer starts simultaneously with the issuing of a brief sound.
9. The timer stops when the weight is settled on the Sensor pane. The device issues a brief sound, and the time measured is displayed until the device is reset or turned off with the On/Off button.

Touching the Reset button by accident does not stop the timer if the weight is not set on the Sensor pane.

Before any measurement, make certain that the rubbers that tighten the canopy are perfectly clean. They can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in water.

After fitting the canopy between the two panes, it has to be perfectly flat and even. The rubbers' form facilitates the stretching and the smoothing of the canopy if they are positioned correctly.

PoroTest SKF® is designed and manufactured by Sky Free Team - Uroi, Simeria, Romania.

We love to say: "PoroTest is made by paragliders pilots for paraglider pilots."


PoroTest SKF® - Price 480 Euro.

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